Monday, April 20, 2009

spring break is SO over...

It was lovely while it lasted... but now I'm buried in quadratic equations, world climates, Emily Bronte and persuasive speeches...
So lets reminisce about that fabulous week known as spring break:

Easter at my grandparent in So Cal looked kinda like this:
{the whole fam Easter Sunday}

{Quincy in a kids helmet... so much funnier in person!}
{Quincy on 2 wheels... no surprise right?}
{chillaxin with sis}

{the pool tournament... if Quincy & cal look a little sad its cause they just got schooled!}
{hot enough to go swimming and get a sunburn... you just have to love so cal}
{so that one doesn't fake the other out while jumping in}
And now a few things about spring break road trips:
1. you must stop at la plaza if you ever pass through the small town of Soledad, careful, if you blink you might miss it!
{everything they make is OUT OF THIS WORLD! and if you don't speak Spanish just pointing and saying "1 por favor" totally works. my fave was the horchata & the carnitas tacos, so good!}
2. always have mass quantities of Starbucks pumping through your system so you don't miss 3 out of the 5 off ramps you are supposed to take...oops!

3. designate your passenger as the road-trip-photographer so you don't miss/forget to snap a few pics of the journey scenery:

4. have a seriously good time and enjoy it while it lasts... because eventually that spring break road trip ends. :(


La Traductora said...

If you are looking for great carnitas and homemade horchata recipes, I have just the thing!

Anonymous said...

It was fun being at "the ranch". The thing I liked the best was being surrounded by our family. Young and old together for a fun weekend. I'm so glad you and Quincy made the trip. Mom