Tuesday, May 12, 2009


grades are in and kate ashley van vleck aced her hardest

"i don't think i can final" and got a "B" in the class!!!!
whoop whoop !!!
and add 3 more "A"s to that!!!!~!!!!!!!!


so tonight I'm:

letting loose! Celebrating! "Dancing with my eyes closed"! Feeling my brothers with me! Feeling how proud they are! not caring how many tears come!
dancing! dancing some more! playing the music ridiculously LOUD!!!! not caring! feeling excitement! feeling movement!!!
feeling accomplishment! feeling the reward for all those "3am-to-bed-6am-awake-and-to-class" times!!!! feeling freedom!!! feeling the OH YES!!!! "I'm done with all those stupid "required" classes that artist just are not meant to do" classes!!!

enjoying being able to breathe.

enjoying checking all those "requirements" off my FUTURE list!!!!



tonight feels SO good.

tonight makes it ALL worth IT.


Jenna said...

WHOOHOO!!! way to go kate! all that hard work paid off! don't have too much fun tonite, you'll be all "let it go'd" out for our craftastic weekend!! wish i was there to celebrate with ya! oh wait, we have ALL FRICKEN WEEKEND TO PLAY!!!! soooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited! can you tell? you deserve tonite, let loose and shake it baby!

Kate said...

oh lady i love you SOOOooOO much! you always know the words!!!!! cant wait for our CRAFTASTIC WEEEKEND!!!! AAhhh!!!!! its gonna be "hella" awesome!!!! wooo hooo!!!!!
thanks lad-day!!!

Anonymous said...

You so deserve that crazy loud dancin' music. Way to go Kate! I'm so proud of you and I know the boy's were dancin' right with you. I love you. Mom

Alyssa said...

Kate!!! I miss you tons! I still haven't "let loose" yet. It is coming...I feel it. You are a wonderful woman!! MISS YOU!