Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New LoVeS:

I have found a few new blogs that I am just completely infatuated with! Is it maybe because its summer vacation and I'm not in a classroom or darkroom working away at getting closer to my dream career so I'm just living vicariously through these fabulous artist? .

{Tyler Florence Blog}

{Still Life With...}


... they are ALL so amazing.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Its a List.

Too many thoughts and not enough energy to make nice & pretty sentences so a list it is:

1. Thank you thank you thank you for the kind words about the last post! loves.

2. The tremendous outpouring of support, generosity, and love at our event this weekend was AMAZING!

3. That being said, camping while putting on a huge event for hundreds of people is absolutely EXHAUSTING!

4. Catching up on all that's been happening in blog-land after being gone for a week is INSaaaaaNE!

5. I love the adventure book challenge on Elise Blaha's blog! I want to challenge myself to do the challenge! ha. ;D

6. I really want to try the green smoothie thing... or maybe a cleanse... or maybe this book my MIL is doing or maybe just stick to my Herbalife thing... idk. we have been SO SO SO busy lately and when we get busy good eating & exercising habits go RIGHT OUT THE WINDOW! and as a result we have no energy, funky appetites, tight waistbands, and an overall blah status on the health front.

7. The new job has me a little anxious... that being said, working at a this spa & salon that plays calming music and has a stress relief candle in every room can somehow be very calming.

8. I'm getting my hair cut by my new boss and colored by one of my new co-workers... tomorrow. I'm feeling excited and nervous all at the same time! I think I want a new look, I am still trying to grow out my hair so I don't want to get rid of too much length but as far as the color goes I'm thinking about getting in the chair and just letting her go for whatever she wants. But, I'm open to any suggestions so has anyone seen anything that looks super fabulous lately?

Well this list could go on forever but I think that's enough rambling for tonight. Hopefully real sentences and good photos will make their way here soon!


Sunday, June 14, 2009


I just realized I never posted about any of the magical happenings from our craftastic-voyage in Santa Cruz! So lets just begin the catch up there!
So my SIL and I went to Santa Cruz for a "creative weekend" and it was

Everything about it was perfect, and I mean perfectly what we needed. A mommy break for her
and a thank-goodness-the-semester-is-over-so-i-can-create sesh for me.

We went in a car packed with sewing/painting/scraping/general crafting supplies and had a blast without really even using them! oops.
Our creativity was all funneled into THE BEACH SHOOT.
In all seriousness the beach shoot we did kinda just became the point of the trip. We both are at significant yet difficult places on our life path but we both know its still important to document what life looks like at the moment and we needed to start with pictures to do that. so we took turns in front of the camera (which was so uncomfortable at first! it was hard leaving the safety of being BEHIND the lens!) and at some point
I just let go,
i felt good in my skin,
i felt excited,
i felt relieved,
i felt rejuvenated,
& i felt inspired and peaceful all at the same time.

So often both of us are non-existent in our pictures because we are always behind the camera so As soon as we finished at the beach I KNEW the photo sesh was the reason we came on the trip. Everything about it was fantastic and again so FREE-ING!

{one of my ALL TIME favorites of this beautiful woman!}

The whole shoot is posted here and the captions are still on their way! ;D

In the meantime I have been using the beach pics for springboards in my "about-my-life-right-now-mini-book" and it has been so so so fun! I will post pics of a handful of pages soon.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Well i had high hopes for tonight's catch-up-blog-post but then i got all wrapped up in this little project {please excuse the un-edited lazy pics!}:

which was completely inspired by these beauties:

{from this fantastic shop}

O! and if by chance you are asking: when was the last time i hand stitched anything?

A= a LONG lOnG time ago!

and after tonight i remember why: ...its sooo dang time consuming!

so i suppose catching up will have to wait till another day... like Saturday when my to-do list is somewhat shorter and the Lakers aren't playing! ha! ;D

see you then.