Sunday, August 30, 2009

quilt update

Well I laid out all the squares again and I was moving and swapping squares and blurring my eyes to make sure it was all balanced and after a while (a long while!) Zip decided the design was fine the way it was:


It was like he laid down right in front of me and looked up to say: "Really, its fine. start sewing it already!" It was so funny.

Last night I had a case of crafting-A.D.D. I knew I should have finished the quilt project first but somehow got sidetracked on an old panel project my grandma had sent up.

Its quite country bumpkin but I was in the mood for something kind of mindless and definitely something fall-themed. I think it turned out pretty cute but I don't know that I will keep it. It doesn't really match any of my fall decor. Maybe I will throw it in my etsy shop and see if it sells? Do people buy these kinds of things on etsy? Its just so country-bumpkin... and I'm so not.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Could'nt help myself!

Well its my first week at my new job downtown at the fabric shop and I have already begun buying fabric and making up projects. I don't need any new projects but I just couldn't help myself! These little owls were looking up saying "buy me Kate! buy me!" So last night I started a minor quilt project:

I cut sixty 6" squares and then laid them out like so:

But this was to clean and traditional for my taste so tonight I'm gonna mix them all up so its a more random pattern. I'm also using a lime green corduroy to back this and I was thinking I might use some in the front. who knows?!
O, and I found out zip also loves new sewing projects:

Hes a great quilting-on-the-carpet-buddy! ;D

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cant stop.

Ive been watching old episodes of The French Chef over on and I just cant stop! I'm sad to admit that my husband didn't even know who Julia Child was until this morning when the videos started! But, now I think I can say we are both enjoying listening/watching while working in the office. We also cant help but join in on her signature sign off: Bon App├ętit!

If your in the mood for something old fashioned and witty check out some episodes yourself:
The elegance with eggs episode was quite nice and the cheese souffle episode was just so classic!


Last night mom and I went to see Julie & Julia and it was absolutely BRILLIANT!!!!
The story, the characters, and the FOOD! My goodness! The Food was BEAUTIFUL!!!

I recently saw on one of the food stylist blogs I read(don't remember which) an interview with the food stylist in charge of the styling for the entire film. It was a great interview and I while watching the movie I kept thinking back to all the tasks and plates and fake burnt beef stew that stylist so masterfully put together and I was just totally in awe. And then I was extremely inspired! My tank was filled and I'm amped to start shooting still life and food again! Im ready for a new challenge, or contest, or project... Im READY! Just in time for the new semester!

Both mom and I had read Julia's book My Life in France and I think it really added to our experience at the show last night. Now I'm on the search for 3 new books:

1. Julie & Julia (the book the entire movie was based off)

2. Mastering the Art of French Cooking (because there were so many things Julie attempts in the movie that I just have to try myself!)

3. The "Italian version" of My Life in France that my
SIL said I would just love!

Add em' to the long list of books I already need for the new semester! Whats three extra books gonna hurt?! ;D

Monday, August 24, 2009

Do you know if this pattern exists?

Ali Edwards did a feature on this shop and I saw this top:

... and Im in love!!! Im wondering if there is a pattern for this? If so, whats it called and where can I find it?! I know I could figure one out my own but cmon! It so much easier when that kind of work is already done for you! ;D

Monday, August 17, 2009

being normal.

Well I was catching up over at sprague lab and I came to this post that made me feel so much more normal.
More normal about how much time Q and I spend on our computers, more normal about Q playing a computer game that millions of other people are also "into", more normal about the very nerdy head phone wearing, more normal about the guild leading and the arena battling... you get the point.
After all the crap he (and I) get about his W.O.W. playing it was nice to hear I'm not the only wife with a husband that loves computer games. so hmpf.
On a side note, I was searching around her blog for some digital advice. She always has great tutorials and digi-advice. I have been experimenting with the photo set-up and capabilities of and I really haven't been impressed. I want a blog that's easy to use but displays nice sized and good quality photos. So really, I'm in the market for a new blog. But! there are so many options blogger, wordpress, typepad, webs, etc... and to be honest I'm feeling a little burnt out with the online research/shopping, this might be a job for my SIL who is fantastic at online comparisons (first a car, then a camera, then a sewing machine... shes a pro by now! ;D). In the mean time I hope you all can bear with me and my wonky picture posting.

Tonight I'm listening to lots of Molto Mario on hulu while eating pasta and scrapbooking more pages of our Italy trip. Its turning into a nice lil' Sunday evening. :D

Friday, August 14, 2009

Secret crafting pics!!! Finally!


SooOOooo....I have been crafting in secret since june! I have been planning a anniversary party for my parents 25th which was last weekend and since she stops by this ol' blog I had to hold out on all those projects But at last I can share!

My aunt, cousins, and I had a few secret craft parties to whip out lots of party cuteness:


The theme of the party was "love birds" so we(well more quincy than anyone really!) die cut what seemed like a million little silver and navy paper birdies. Which we hot glued onto scewers and used in all the plants and flower arrangement and hung in the trees (silver spray painted manzanity branches) we created for the entryways (you can kind of see them in the top right pic). We also glued like 75 little-tiny-mini wedding pics to the birds that went into the flower arrangements.

Then I think we stamped 150-ish napkins? These ladies are troopers! I think picking which design we liked best was the hardest part:


And then all these little pics ended up on toothpics as the cupcaketoppers:


There were pics of them feeding(well, smashing and smearing really) eachother cake at the wedding and then one of them afterwards with frosting all over their smiles. They made awfully cute cupcake toppers!

And there was tons of decorating to do! The barn we held the party in was HUGE so we had our work cut out for us! Quincy and Geoff hung soooOOoSSoooo many twinkle lights, sheer swags, fabric swags, umbrellas..... you get the point, these guys sere such a big help in the decorating department!


I think the party and the barn turned out.... very magical, enchanting, romantic, and with just the right amount of small-town-back-yard-ness and a touch of hand-crafted-ness!
It was my kind of party.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

help. please.

So I have been editing some product pictures for the new Stoney Oaks Farms site Im building for my parents and I am just having a heckofa time choosing between compositions... so, I figured I could just ask the audience:

Which do you prefer?... and why?


Id really appreciate any imput! Cause I think my brain has gone mushy for the night... time to get off the computer!!!!

O, and on a side note, I finally got around to trying one of these:


... which I saw a while back on elsie flannigans blog. It was absolutely delish! obviously! {I meant to take a picture of that cup all full and pretty but after just one taste I couldn't help myself! ;D by the time I got to my camera there was nothing left in the cup! ha!} Anyhoo, Id definitely recommend it! It totally DOES taste like "Berries Captain 'n' Crunch"! Just ask for the strawberries and creme frappacino with a pump of hazelnut. mmm so good!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

background noise

I have been spending A TON of time in front of this computer screen lately!!!! (yeah... that could be the understatement of the year?!) and most of it has been web designing and photo editing, which is fine, really, I'm totally OK with that.

BUT, there is something about spending hours here on the computer that requires me to have a certain background noise, and its different from creating with paint/paper/canvas/fibers/etc because the background noise i need to inspire me and keep me going with those supplies sounds like bob marley, frank sinatra, shakira, coldplay, and on and on the music list could go.

BUT, when working on the computer I need the background noise of a few particular movies... and every once and a while I throw in a few different ones but mostly they always stay the same:

~esp. this one! sometimes I watch/listen to is 2 or 3 times a night!
~I just love meg ryan (the old meg ryan) and I really love all the fall/winter nyc-ness
~I think in my mind I go back to nyc in the fall... it was just sooOOoooOO beautiful and somehow charming.

~I love the sound of a kitchen cooking delicious food
~I also love the convo's between katherine zeta and the phyc. in this movie... they seem so calm yet substantial... is that possible in real life?

~And the character of bridget jones just makes me smile NO MATTER WHAT!
~I love how clumsy, chubby(in a real way), frazzled, and honest her character is. simply great to watch/listen to!

And for whatever reason I have also needed Christmas movies. Christmas, with all its snow, and scarves, and cocoa, and fireplaces, and snuggly blankies.... ahhh.... its just what my subconscious is craving at the moment so I feed it and then I can keep editing for hours on end. go figure.

What kind of background noise do other people listen to or need to keep on creating?

July...where did you go?

Well after I posted last night I realised just how sparse things were here on the blog and when pondering where the heck Ive been I realise the answer was simple: busy. Just how busy you ask? Let me show you:

*I turned 23 on the 3rd of July:

{blueberry creme brule, bbq chicken and corn on the cob, family dinner, perfection}

*I celebrated independence on the 4th of July:


{vintage inspired red, white, and blue dresses, indiana jones marathon, classic burgers, fondue & fireworks, happy parents }

*I visited my grandparents in Atascadero had a day trip to Morro Bay with cousins:


{Morro Bay Rock, 4 seat-tourist-bikes, fish & chips, garlic fries, cold glass of heff, Q & I at the beach, good summer road trips}

*I volunteered at a scholarship benefit called the The Donny Martin Memorial Bull Ride :


{good people & a good cause}

*I went to a fantastic tractor party with one adorable-smiley-happy nephew:


{watched 5 cousins play in the park till the brink of dehydration}

*I volunteered at a hospital benifit called Starry Starry Nights:


{more good people, more good causes, and lots of great star watching }

*I went for a quick get-away to chico to see my SIL and gain some sanity:


{I like to collect my thoughts on this couch... somehow Im always successful there}

*I celebrated my 3rd wedding anniversary in Bodega Bay:


{camping (literally) on the beach, lovin' on my boys, delish chowder, waking up to the sound of waves, car picnics in little fishermen towns, being grateful for love}

...add in lots of web designing classes, test site creating, product photographing, whole home re-organizing, and a huge heap of secret projects that will soon be unveiled..... and you have my july. hmpf. it wore me out just posting it all. Hoping August will be a little more calm...ha! ;D