Sunday, August 02, 2009

background noise

I have been spending A TON of time in front of this computer screen lately!!!! (yeah... that could be the understatement of the year?!) and most of it has been web designing and photo editing, which is fine, really, I'm totally OK with that.

BUT, there is something about spending hours here on the computer that requires me to have a certain background noise, and its different from creating with paint/paper/canvas/fibers/etc because the background noise i need to inspire me and keep me going with those supplies sounds like bob marley, frank sinatra, shakira, coldplay, and on and on the music list could go.

BUT, when working on the computer I need the background noise of a few particular movies... and every once and a while I throw in a few different ones but mostly they always stay the same:

~esp. this one! sometimes I watch/listen to is 2 or 3 times a night!
~I just love meg ryan (the old meg ryan) and I really love all the fall/winter nyc-ness
~I think in my mind I go back to nyc in the fall... it was just sooOOoooOO beautiful and somehow charming.

~I love the sound of a kitchen cooking delicious food
~I also love the convo's between katherine zeta and the phyc. in this movie... they seem so calm yet substantial... is that possible in real life?

~And the character of bridget jones just makes me smile NO MATTER WHAT!
~I love how clumsy, chubby(in a real way), frazzled, and honest her character is. simply great to watch/listen to!

And for whatever reason I have also needed Christmas movies. Christmas, with all its snow, and scarves, and cocoa, and fireplaces, and snuggly blankies.... ahhh.... its just what my subconscious is craving at the moment so I feed it and then I can keep editing for hours on end. go figure.

What kind of background noise do other people listen to or need to keep on creating?


Anonymous said...

My old standby is HGTV. I love the colors and the themes used and I never get tired of it! When I package soap I listen to old Christmas VHS movies that we bought for you, Ry, and Brett! You know, like "Home Alone", "Jingle all the Way", old movies!!! love, mom

Jenna said...

jack johnson, colbie, bob marley, dave crowder, natasha, norah jones, jackson browne, van morrison. wish i could listen to a movie. i should move my computer into my studio for that. then i'd probably facebook, twitter, and blog too much!