Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Last night mom and I went to see Julie & Julia and it was absolutely BRILLIANT!!!!
The story, the characters, and the FOOD! My goodness! The Food was BEAUTIFUL!!!

I recently saw on one of the food stylist blogs I read(don't remember which) an interview with the food stylist in charge of the styling for the entire film. It was a great interview and I while watching the movie I kept thinking back to all the tasks and plates and fake burnt beef stew that stylist so masterfully put together and I was just totally in awe. And then I was extremely inspired! My tank was filled and I'm amped to start shooting still life and food again! Im ready for a new challenge, or contest, or project... Im READY! Just in time for the new semester!

Both mom and I had read Julia's book My Life in France and I think it really added to our experience at the show last night. Now I'm on the search for 3 new books:

1. Julie & Julia (the book the entire movie was based off)

2. Mastering the Art of French Cooking (because there were so many things Julie attempts in the movie that I just have to try myself!)

3. The "Italian version" of My Life in France that my
SIL said I would just love!

Add em' to the long list of books I already need for the new semester! Whats three extra books gonna hurt?! ;D

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