Sunday, August 02, 2009

July...where did you go?

Well after I posted last night I realised just how sparse things were here on the blog and when pondering where the heck Ive been I realise the answer was simple: busy. Just how busy you ask? Let me show you:

*I turned 23 on the 3rd of July:

{blueberry creme brule, bbq chicken and corn on the cob, family dinner, perfection}

*I celebrated independence on the 4th of July:


{vintage inspired red, white, and blue dresses, indiana jones marathon, classic burgers, fondue & fireworks, happy parents }

*I visited my grandparents in Atascadero had a day trip to Morro Bay with cousins:


{Morro Bay Rock, 4 seat-tourist-bikes, fish & chips, garlic fries, cold glass of heff, Q & I at the beach, good summer road trips}

*I volunteered at a scholarship benefit called the The Donny Martin Memorial Bull Ride :


{good people & a good cause}

*I went to a fantastic tractor party with one adorable-smiley-happy nephew:


{watched 5 cousins play in the park till the brink of dehydration}

*I volunteered at a hospital benifit called Starry Starry Nights:


{more good people, more good causes, and lots of great star watching }

*I went for a quick get-away to chico to see my SIL and gain some sanity:


{I like to collect my thoughts on this couch... somehow Im always successful there}

*I celebrated my 3rd wedding anniversary in Bodega Bay:


{camping (literally) on the beach, lovin' on my boys, delish chowder, waking up to the sound of waves, car picnics in little fishermen towns, being grateful for love}

...add in lots of web designing classes, test site creating, product photographing, whole home re-organizing, and a huge heap of secret projects that will soon be unveiled..... and you have my july. hmpf. it wore me out just posting it all. Hoping August will be a little more calm...ha! ;D


Jenna said...

wow! you were quite the busy girl! does this mean you are gonna blog more now? missed ya on "ye ol' blog"!

Kate said...

yes! now that Im "caught up" I think regular blogging will resume! ;D

Jenna said...

did you guys get a new tent?

Kate said...

nope. same ol' tent. :D