Sunday, August 30, 2009

quilt update

Well I laid out all the squares again and I was moving and swapping squares and blurring my eyes to make sure it was all balanced and after a while (a long while!) Zip decided the design was fine the way it was:


It was like he laid down right in front of me and looked up to say: "Really, its fine. start sewing it already!" It was so funny.

Last night I had a case of crafting-A.D.D. I knew I should have finished the quilt project first but somehow got sidetracked on an old panel project my grandma had sent up.

Its quite country bumpkin but I was in the mood for something kind of mindless and definitely something fall-themed. I think it turned out pretty cute but I don't know that I will keep it. It doesn't really match any of my fall decor. Maybe I will throw it in my etsy shop and see if it sells? Do people buy these kinds of things on etsy? Its just so country-bumpkin... and I'm so not.

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