Friday, August 14, 2009

Secret crafting pics!!! Finally!


SooOOooo....I have been crafting in secret since june! I have been planning a anniversary party for my parents 25th which was last weekend and since she stops by this ol' blog I had to hold out on all those projects But at last I can share!

My aunt, cousins, and I had a few secret craft parties to whip out lots of party cuteness:


The theme of the party was "love birds" so we(well more quincy than anyone really!) die cut what seemed like a million little silver and navy paper birdies. Which we hot glued onto scewers and used in all the plants and flower arrangement and hung in the trees (silver spray painted manzanity branches) we created for the entryways (you can kind of see them in the top right pic). We also glued like 75 little-tiny-mini wedding pics to the birds that went into the flower arrangements.

Then I think we stamped 150-ish napkins? These ladies are troopers! I think picking which design we liked best was the hardest part:


And then all these little pics ended up on toothpics as the cupcaketoppers:


There were pics of them feeding(well, smashing and smearing really) eachother cake at the wedding and then one of them afterwards with frosting all over their smiles. They made awfully cute cupcake toppers!

And there was tons of decorating to do! The barn we held the party in was HUGE so we had our work cut out for us! Quincy and Geoff hung soooOOoSSoooo many twinkle lights, sheer swags, fabric swags, umbrellas..... you get the point, these guys sere such a big help in the decorating department!


I think the party and the barn turned out.... very magical, enchanting, romantic, and with just the right amount of small-town-back-yard-ness and a touch of hand-crafted-ness!
It was my kind of party.


Jenna said...

it looked soo cute! mini weddingish. too bad there were no pics of "thriller". ;)

Anonymous said...

Kate, The party was a great surprise and you did a fantastic job. As always, you covered all the details down to the hand sanitizer! Dad & I had a great time and it was a night we will never forget. Thank you for all you time, effort, and love that went into a wonderful celebration. Love, Mom