Tuesday, August 04, 2009

help. please.

So I have been editing some product pictures for the new Stoney Oaks Farms site Im building for my parents and I am just having a heckofa time choosing between compositions... so, I figured I could just ask the audience:

Which do you prefer?... and why?


Id really appreciate any imput! Cause I think my brain has gone mushy for the night... time to get off the computer!!!!

O, and on a side note, I finally got around to trying one of these:


... which I saw a while back on elsie flannigans blog. It was absolutely delish! obviously! {I meant to take a picture of that cup all full and pretty but after just one taste I couldn't help myself! ;D by the time I got to my camera there was nothing left in the cup! ha!} Anyhoo, Id definitely recommend it! It totally DOES taste like "Berries Captain 'n' Crunch"! Just ask for the strawberries and creme frappacino with a pump of hazelnut. mmm so good!


Jenna said...

i like the one on the left because the wooden spoon adds a third texture. and you know the whole rule of 3's. it looks more balanced. awesome stuff kate. stoney oaks is gonna be flying off the shelf now. better get to work lisa!

Ashley said...

I agree. The picture on the left. More pleasing to the eye.

Jessie said...

Hi Kate, it's Jessie Thatcher. I have been meaning to get a hold of you. I ran into your dad a couple months ago and he gave me your blogsite. I am so happy that you are active in the arts. I miss you a lot and I want to keep in touch. Every time I go home and I walk down the street of Chaparral I think of you. I hope all is well and maybe we can get together soon. My email is jessie_thatcher@hotmail.com and I am on facebook.