Monday, August 17, 2009

being normal.

Well I was catching up over at sprague lab and I came to this post that made me feel so much more normal.
More normal about how much time Q and I spend on our computers, more normal about Q playing a computer game that millions of other people are also "into", more normal about the very nerdy head phone wearing, more normal about the guild leading and the arena battling... you get the point.
After all the crap he (and I) get about his W.O.W. playing it was nice to hear I'm not the only wife with a husband that loves computer games. so hmpf.
On a side note, I was searching around her blog for some digital advice. She always has great tutorials and digi-advice. I have been experimenting with the photo set-up and capabilities of and I really haven't been impressed. I want a blog that's easy to use but displays nice sized and good quality photos. So really, I'm in the market for a new blog. But! there are so many options blogger, wordpress, typepad, webs, etc... and to be honest I'm feeling a little burnt out with the online research/shopping, this might be a job for my SIL who is fantastic at online comparisons (first a car, then a camera, then a sewing machine... shes a pro by now! ;D). In the mean time I hope you all can bear with me and my wonky picture posting.

Tonight I'm listening to lots of Molto Mario on hulu while eating pasta and scrapbooking more pages of our Italy trip. Its turning into a nice lil' Sunday evening. :D

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Jenna said...

why yes, i DO think i'm a professional online researcher by now. ;) but i personally think typepad is the best. its the one i've been looking to, i just don't want to pay the money. the cheapest for 1 blog i think is $5/mo. but you can do multiple blogs too. (one personal, one business) and it may be cheaper. what i like about typepad is you can comment back on individual comments, even respond to each comment by email. and you can have multiple photo albums linked from your page. so many of the blogs i read are typepad. i just haven't made the switch. but i totally agree, its nice to have a little more creative freedom in your blog. and the big pictures are nice too. how do you put the pictures all close together?