Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fall Project {1}

I finally started some of my fall projects and thought I would share this quickie! I found some cute yet extremely cheap fall fabric at Wal-Mart Monday and thought it would make perfect mini table cloths. I have 2 small side tables I use our living room that are very simple and always being changed, they used to look like this:

But I thought they needed some fall-lovin' so I folded my fall Wall-Mart fabric into quarters like so:

Then tied a marker to a piece of string:
Then I measured it out to the top of my fabric:
Then I held it down at the folded corner:
Then I swung it around to make a semi-circle:
Then I cut along my guideline:
Then I added the mini-table cloth to a (pretty drab) solid brown table cloth I already had in the linen closet:

And voila! A quickie side table make-over! And no I didn't hem or surge or pink the edges because the slightly frayed look adds to the rustic-fall vibe these babies are puttin' out! Plus I like keeping it real simple sometimes! ;D
Well more fall projects coming soon... especially now that its OFFICIALLY fall here in the northern hemi.

Friday, September 18, 2009

October parties!

O how I love throwing a good party! And fall parties might just be my favorite! For October I have 2 parties in the works: an Oktoberfest party and our now annual Halloween party.

I got the Oktoberfest party from my Everyday with Rachael Ray mag (which has quickly become a new fave!) and a little extra inspiration from my pops. See his idea was to have everyone bring a beer that's title begins with the same letter as their last name starts with (yes, Q and I will definitely have to order online! V?! cmon!) I just loved that idea! So it will be brats, sauerkraut, beer and good peeps! Now I just need to whip out some invites and find one of these sweet outfits for Q! ;D


And then there is the Halloween Cocktails & Costumes party. Last years was so much fun we figured we would just have to make it an annual thing! So I have been checkin' out Martha's site for some good'n'spooky ideas and here are a few of my faves so far:

{love the web trim in this}


{thought I would do this out of felt, just die cute and sew!}


{and these sweet things could stay out through november}


{I just love a good tablescape}


{I always see old silk flowers at the thrift stores so this project could be done super cheap}


{I just thought this was awesom since way to recycle! plus I have 4 nieces & 1 nephew that need a little somethin' special too and Im always looking for cleaver ways to revamp boring ol' treat bags!}


So what do you have planned for october?

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sweet sweet Mendocino

I absolutely adore the ENTIRE mendocino line by Heather Ross which has been out for a while and is now discontinued (super sad face). So of course I had to get some and find some sort of project for this cute CUTE cute fabric!

{btw- the solids in this are kona cottons from Robert Kaufman, another new found love!}


I decided I'm going to use the above fabrics to make the following Denyse Schmidt quilt: (big thanks to Jenna for making me completely obsessed with her perfectly wonky style! ;D)


I found this at and apparently there is a free pattern for it but I think its also in her book which I will be tracking down on amazon pronto.
So you might be thinking "gee, its kind of a juvenile print and it has lots of pink?..." and I thought that too while I was trying to figure out where the heck it will end up in my house but then for the first time EVER I found myself thinking "it would be a nice quilt for a baby girls room..." and "wouldn't mermaids make a cute baby theme?"... SHOCKED right? Most of you know Q and I are so not in the "lets have babies" mentality and don't want to be for a LONG long time but I figured if I'm going to be putting all this creative thought, time, and work into something I might as well put it away so our future children can enjoy it right? right.

Ok, I'm off to track down that fabulous Denyse Schmidt book. loves.

the owl quilt is done!

Its official! I finished up Monday and I have been carrying it around the house with me like Linus! Check it out:

{And please excuse our wrinkles! Its fresh out of the wash in these pics!}


This was the first time I have ever used my walking foot... actually to be honest I didn't even know I had one! I had a whole box of "accessories" that came with my machine that I put away in a drawer and forgot about until this project. I was looking at different ways to finish pieced blanket tops and most of them recommended machine quilting so I got out my user manual and there it was: instructions on how to quilt with your walking foot. Turns out there was a walking foot and a darning foot(for free motion quilting) in that box! Ha! So with a little practice and this fabulous tutorial I have now successfully finished my first machine quilted project!


Now the next challenge is finding a project to test my darning foot and free motion skills! ;D

Monday, September 14, 2009


Today I...
Woke up to the smell of rain, am burning pumpkin spice candles, will finish the "owl quilt", am bringing out the fall decorations, am finishing my stats homework if it kills me, can hear it raining outside my window, will stay in my pajamas, am making a huge pot of chicken tortilla soup, will challenge myself to find 5 new angles on rain photos, am drinking spicy homemade mochas,
today I am ready for FALL.