Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fall Project {1}

I finally started some of my fall projects and thought I would share this quickie! I found some cute yet extremely cheap fall fabric at Wal-Mart Monday and thought it would make perfect mini table cloths. I have 2 small side tables I use our living room that are very simple and always being changed, they used to look like this:

But I thought they needed some fall-lovin' so I folded my fall Wall-Mart fabric into quarters like so:

Then tied a marker to a piece of string:
Then I measured it out to the top of my fabric:
Then I held it down at the folded corner:
Then I swung it around to make a semi-circle:
Then I cut along my guideline:
Then I added the mini-table cloth to a (pretty drab) solid brown table cloth I already had in the linen closet:

And voila! A quickie side table make-over! And no I didn't hem or surge or pink the edges because the slightly frayed look adds to the rustic-fall vibe these babies are puttin' out! Plus I like keeping it real simple sometimes! ;D
Well more fall projects coming soon... especially now that its OFFICIALLY fall here in the northern hemi.

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Anonymous said...

I love the plaid. The table cloth is simple and colorful. Thanks for sharing the idea. Mom