Friday, September 18, 2009

October parties!

O how I love throwing a good party! And fall parties might just be my favorite! For October I have 2 parties in the works: an Oktoberfest party and our now annual Halloween party.

I got the Oktoberfest party from my Everyday with Rachael Ray mag (which has quickly become a new fave!) and a little extra inspiration from my pops. See his idea was to have everyone bring a beer that's title begins with the same letter as their last name starts with (yes, Q and I will definitely have to order online! V?! cmon!) I just loved that idea! So it will be brats, sauerkraut, beer and good peeps! Now I just need to whip out some invites and find one of these sweet outfits for Q! ;D


And then there is the Halloween Cocktails & Costumes party. Last years was so much fun we figured we would just have to make it an annual thing! So I have been checkin' out Martha's site for some good'n'spooky ideas and here are a few of my faves so far:

{love the web trim in this}


{thought I would do this out of felt, just die cute and sew!}


{and these sweet things could stay out through november}


{I just love a good tablescape}


{I always see old silk flowers at the thrift stores so this project could be done super cheap}


{I just thought this was awesom since way to recycle! plus I have 4 nieces & 1 nephew that need a little somethin' special too and Im always looking for cleaver ways to revamp boring ol' treat bags!}


So what do you have planned for october?

Happy Friday!

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Alyssa Marie said...

Oh my goodness, this is hysterical. I was just on Martha Stewart the other day looking for stuff for our Fall Party, and so many of the things I tagged you picked to put on your page. So fun!