Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sweet sweet Mendocino

I absolutely adore the ENTIRE mendocino line by Heather Ross which has been out for a while and is now discontinued (super sad face). So of course I had to get some and find some sort of project for this cute CUTE cute fabric!

{btw- the solids in this are kona cottons from Robert Kaufman, another new found love!}


I decided I'm going to use the above fabrics to make the following Denyse Schmidt quilt: (big thanks to Jenna for making me completely obsessed with her perfectly wonky style! ;D)


I found this at and apparently there is a free pattern for it but I think its also in her book which I will be tracking down on amazon pronto.
So you might be thinking "gee, its kind of a juvenile print and it has lots of pink?..." and I thought that too while I was trying to figure out where the heck it will end up in my house but then for the first time EVER I found myself thinking "it would be a nice quilt for a baby girls room..." and "wouldn't mermaids make a cute baby theme?"... SHOCKED right? Most of you know Q and I are so not in the "lets have babies" mentality and don't want to be for a LONG long time but I figured if I'm going to be putting all this creative thought, time, and work into something I might as well put it away so our future children can enjoy it right? right.

Ok, I'm off to track down that fabulous Denyse Schmidt book. loves.


Jenna said...

adorable. i will gladly share my fabric and sewing addictions with you. denyse schmidt is an excellent inspiration. here's a math equation: denyse is to quilting as elsie WAS to scrapbooking. in my opinion. ;) can't wait to see how it turns out.

Jaleen said...

I just randomly stumbled on your blog through Alyssa White's blog and I am just so inspired by all your art! I took a road trip with my fiance this summer so I took on the challenge of making a scrapbook (something I have never done). Doing that inspired me to try other crafts. I just inherited a sewing machine and have no idea how to use it but I think I may start with making some fun cloth napkins. Anyway, just wanted to say hello and that your crafts are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm alittle shocked by your posting! ha-ha-ha I love the inspiration of fabric, colors, and patterns. Now, if this inspires a cute "pink" (Kate, pink of all colors!!!) Mermaid quilt then I'm thrilled. Remember when you were 16 and we started your Hope Chest? Well, maybe this pink quilt will be the first item you put in your "Baby Hope Chest". It could be fun filling it with the promise of a new life. Mom

Kate said...

Thank you for the super sweet comment! Im glad you stumbled upon something here that inspired you! There is nothin like feeling creatively inspired! Its the best! Thanks again!