Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall Project {3}

This project consists of two stories:

Story 1:

In our house we have a hutch that we were handed down, and when we got it... lets just say it wasn't-our-style. So a while ago we painted it and took out the old stained glass fronts and I mounted some Martha Stewart paper onto some mat-board to put in the front windows and called it good.

Story 2:


I have had this amazing Alexander Henry fabric that has been sitting in my studio begging to used. I thought I would applique the witches onto a table runner and it would be soooo cute.... but then reality set in and I realized applique takes a lil' more time then I think Ive got this October.... so...


I put my hutch and the fabric together and I got a sweet Halloween hutch out of it! I used my 505 spray & fix to glue the fabric onto my existing mat-board and threw them in the windows and now its a Halloween hutch!


The best part about using the 505 is that its temporary so I only sprayed it onto my fabric and it will hold well enough while its in the hutch but then when I'm done I just peel off the fabric and throw it in the wash to remove the washable adhesive! Perfect.


Fall Project {3}... done.


Alyssa Marie said...

Freaking adorable Kate! Did you save all of those pumpkins from your engagement party?

Jenna said...

looooove itttt! 505 huh? i'll have to get some of that! super cute. and the pumpkins rock. you always decorate that hutch so cute and festive!

Kate said...

Of course I save them! They are my all-time favorite fall decoration! ... and it cost me a small fortune in glitter so there was no way I could get rid of em' ;D

Alyssa Marie said...

Ya Kate, I was totally going to do that this Fall, but I saw the price of the Martha Stewart glitter and really didn't have a million dollars to spend on that. haha!