Saturday, October 10, 2009

This was soOOooOOoo AWESOME!

OK, being sick has completely sucked the last couple of days but today I had just enough energy to sit in front of my computer long enough to actually watch Jim & Pam get married on the Office and it was SO awesome!

And of course I immediately had to hop over to you-tube to see what "wedding entrance" they were talking about! If you haven't seen it you ABSOLUTELY have to watch this awesome clip:

I think we just might of done this if we had seen anything like it before our wedding! I loved everything about this... its unique(well, it was) it makes you smile, it sets a sweet vibe, and it definitely had to of got the party started right? And the fact that they are bumpin' Chris Brown in that big'ol church? So awesome.
OK, well enough excitement for today. Back to bed to try and finally kick the swine flu.

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Jenna said...

swine flu? yikes. elliana had something nasty last week too. and she passed it on to us. no fun. hope you're feeling better!