Thursday, November 19, 2009

Christmas Project List!

Well I have been searching my favorite sites and my list of Christmas projects is growing at a rapid pace! Thought I would share a few simple but lovely things that have made the list:

And I have decided I want to make just about everything in this book:
... its an oldy-but-a-goody!


Alyssa Marie said...

Kate! Your ideas are great! I just set up for Christmas this last weekend because my parents came to visit! Its early, but I just love the holidays. Been doing the Chai Lattes and Hot Cocoas all the way.

Jenna said...

oh thanks, like i needed more projects! lOVE the yoyo tree. i've grown quite a forest above my mantel, and that one would be just lovely. just might have to do that one! i can't wait to bust out the decorations this weekend. way to go alyssa! enjoying some christmas cheer early!