Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Its been a while....

... so, since Ive been gone:

~Ive spent lots of time with my nieces!

~I threw a Halloween party

{yes, my niece is now officially a guns n roses fan before she can even sing one of their songs!}

~I helped throw a double sized baby shower for my 2 new nieces. yep, that's right, twins!

{the MIL is totally on a cupcake kick!}

~Ive done ridiculous amounts of stats homework (by which I have been getting my butt kicked!)

~Ive been trying to grasp as much knowledge as possible about this insane program in class

~Ive been going to class after class at the gym to try and get ahead of all the holiday goodness that seems to linger around my midsection past December

~Ive also fallen sooooOOOooooOOOooo far behind on my blog reading that I cant even figure out where to start.
~Been listening to Andrea Bocelli's new holiday album for weeks!
~Been wishing for a new puppy and sibling for zip.
~Been prayin', PRAYING, praying about future plans.
~Been learning patience.
.... o, this list could go on and on so lets just stop the rambling here.
glad I'm back.
will post soon with actual sentences instead of just lists!


Jenna said...

sheesh! i've been wondering where you were in blogland! i'm way behind too. all those costumes were hillarious!

Alyssa Marie said...

GAHHH!!! I feel so disconnected to you when you don't blog! Are you moving to the East Coast or what?! I need my craft/tequila girl back :)

Anonymous said...

Happy to see you are back! I know the homework is crazy, but hang in there. You're almost done. I love that you and Quincy are doing the Auntie/Uncle thing more. It's sweet to have the connection with your nieces. Love, MOm