Sunday, November 22, 2009

tonight looked like:

Indian takeout: delish.

Finished math chapters: whew!

And finally FINALLY finally:.... some guilt-free-because-everything-else-is-done Christmas crafting has begun!

I've now started a brocade poinsettia wreath, a pile of birdie ornaments, 2 stuffed reindeer heads, and a new micro fleece jacket for babushka(zips new nick-name as of late.... random. I know!). Well I hope to be back with a list of completed projects and pics soon, now back to sewing!

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Jessie said...

Hi Kate!

I am sorry I have gotten back to you yet! I had a rough time these past couple of months... but I was going through me email and I can't seem to find yours. :( I hope everything is going well for you... by the looks of your blog.. you are being quite productive! I am coming home next week for a month... and I would love to meet up with you sometime! and if you could shoot me an email... so I have your address.. that would be fantastic!!

my email: