Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I had a burger for breakfast, a chocolate torte for lunch and coffee for dinner... its officially "finals-crunch-time-and-major-stressing-so-i-eat-everything-season!"
now back to drinking more coffee and listening to very loud skillet and lights to keep me amped(wow did that just sound so bro-ish or what?! yikes.) for the all night studying I have ahead of me.

vanvleck out.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I love when my homework looks like this:

I think Q does too since he gets to eat everything after its been photographed! I spent all day in and out of the kitchen slicing and dicing, melting and positioning and then out to do lighting, reflecting, focusing and shooting... then back to the kitchen... it was a good day. Now back to more editing and portfolio making... gotta love the end of semester crunch!

snow = good crafting

Earlier this week I woke up and it looked like this outside:

SO Beautiful! Of course we were stuck at home so I ended up getting lots of christmas projects done... and I dont know if it was the snow or the all-day-pj-wearing but I was on a roll! I have been obsessed with this "feel" for my christmas projects:

{lots of browns, naturals, beige, grey, a little bright red, some frosty blue and lots and lots of jems!}

and I made a stack of these sweet little mini-stockings that will soon be made into a garland.

I hope it snows again soon!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Well I have just been sewing sewing sewing lately! Sewing in between studying, sewing after work, sewing when I should be sleeping... you get the point! Its getting kind of crazy actually. Its been mostly projects from this book including these cute stuffed reindeer:


and a whole slew of these bird ornaments (which still need ribbons and maybe a few beads).


I think the next project Im going to try will be the mini stockings or a few pairs of christmas slippers for Q and I.

On a total side note we are newly and completely obsessed with:


...fresh grapefruit juice! My grandparents have grapefruit trees and she brought up 3 huge grocery bags at thanksgiving. I have been looking up grapefruit recipes like crazy but I have only had time to enjoy them simply as juice (with a little agave sweetener too). O, and if your wondering how many grapefruits you need to juice to make an entire pitcher of juice.... its ALOT!
OK now back to sewing! ;D