Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Well I have just been sewing sewing sewing lately! Sewing in between studying, sewing after work, sewing when I should be sleeping... you get the point! Its getting kind of crazy actually. Its been mostly projects from this book including these cute stuffed reindeer:


and a whole slew of these bird ornaments (which still need ribbons and maybe a few beads).


I think the next project Im going to try will be the mini stockings or a few pairs of christmas slippers for Q and I.

On a total side note we are newly and completely obsessed with:


...fresh grapefruit juice! My grandparents have grapefruit trees and she brought up 3 huge grocery bags at thanksgiving. I have been looking up grapefruit recipes like crazy but I have only had time to enjoy them simply as juice (with a little agave sweetener too). O, and if your wondering how many grapefruits you need to juice to make an entire pitcher of juice.... its ALOT!
OK now back to sewing! ;D


Anonymous said...

Are you using up fabric or buying fabric from your store? I hope the fabric pile is going down! I have no room to talk, I think I'm still sewing fabric that I bought when I worked at Hart's!!! I love the projects. Mom

Jenna said...

can i order one of those deer? i LOVE it! you worked at a fabric store too lisa? i think there must be something in a girl that works at a fabric store.....a fabric hoarder at heart. i still have fabrics i can't cut into. i love your craftiness kate!

Jessie said...

Hi Kate! I am coming home for a month next week! I would like to see you sometime! I was looking through my emails and I cant seem to find yours. I hope all is well. Jessie
(you might get two message from me... blogger said there was an error..)

Jessie said...

...and I am sorry I have responded very fast to your email. These past couple of month have been pretty rough on me... but anyway..