Tuesday, October 26, 2010

San Francisco Highlights:

Dinner at Tyler Florence's Wayfare Tavern:
Hands down the BEST meal we have ever had!


A morning at the Ferry Building:


Finally making it into Chris Cosentino's Boccalone!


Cheese tasting at Cowgirl Creamery:


Packing a picnic and finally finding Acme Bread again:
(The only place in town that sold it burnt down. Such a bummer!)


Finding a picnic spot that overlooked the CG station in Alameda:


Which made Q this happy:


It was an awesome trip and the perfect way to spend some of our last time together. So glad we had this opportunity and so thankful I have a spontaneous, adventurous, foodie husband!

Monday, October 25, 2010


{phone pic from today in Coronado}

... things will change.
... the wait will be over.
... things will be official.
... we'll be brimming with pride.
... will be our last day together.
... will be full of tears both happy & sad.
... will be full of smiles.
... will be time for celebratory sushi.
... will be full of honest joy & happiness.
... will be the the beginning of a new chapter.

Tomorrow Quincy joins the US Coast Guard.

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Perfect Camera Bag

I have been on a serious search for the perfect camera bag for some time now. I want a bag that will fit my dslr and maybe an extra lens and I would like the bag to be able to double as a purse/tote. I like having my camera with me but I don't always like carrying around a purse plus an ugly camera bag... so, like I said before I have been on a search!

Originally I wanted to just buy one and take the easy way out and as much as I love these, these, these, and these the price tags are steep and there still isn't one that 'has it all'. If I had found one that met ALL my requirements then maybe Id consider finding a way to weasel one into my class 'supply list' ...but no such luck! Each one leaves me wanting just a lil' something thing more.

So, now I have decided its just going to have to be a handmade and custom item. And that's fine. So far I'm liking this bags style:

...this bags zipper and pockets:
...and this bags padding:

I have some brown wool/poly tweed in my stash that I got on sale (hello $10 fabric for only $5!) that came to mind after I saw these awesome bags:

Its a brown and cream tweed so all that's left to do is find some brown leather hardware and strapping and I should be ready to whip this baby up... right? Right! Its only a mix of 2 patterns, one tutorial, and one dream bag. Oh, its always so much easier said(and sketched) than done! Now wish me luck!

The first of many fall projects!

halloween placemats

And the small black tulle ruffle is my favorite part! I think this detail will be showing up more and more in my future fall projects.

halloween placemat 2

So, how early is too early to put these babies out? Is September really pushing? Do I have to wait till October? ...well, I kinda know the answer to that question so maybe I need to make some generic 'fall' themed ones to hold me over till October! Time to dig into the 'fabric cellar'... I think there is some cute fall supplies that are well seasoned by now! ;D

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Been sewing with:


Alexander Henry's Halloween collection (both this year and last!). I love this collection and I have place mats, garlands, table runners, and hutch panels in the works using the above supplies. I'm really loving the combo of the fabric, black tulle, and orange velvet ribbon right now. I'm also enjoying the challenge of using up supplies from my stash versus buying new supplies(no need to buy when my office could be a craft/fabric store at this point!). Pictures of finished projects coming soon!

Bringing a smile to my face:

:: Peppermint tea... and lots of it lately!

:: This website! Ive been building a new portfolio site there and the tools, layout, and price(free!) are awesome! Hoping to launch my new site very soon but in the mean time sneak a peak here.

:: 120 film was listed on this semesters syllabis... glad to have an excuse to pull out the duaflex again and buy 'out-of-this-student's-budget' film.

:: Fall is right around the corner and its my most favorite FAVORITE favorite season! I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself! I have actually already started fall craft/sewing projects... I just couldn't help myself!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Its ALL About The Light

Sometimes, if you are patient enough you get the most beautiful light:


and when you get this kind of light mixed with these clouds...


you generally get this kind of smile:


And thats why we wait for the 'good light'!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Been On A Sweets Kick:

First it was the chocolate chip oatmeal cookies:

365 meals (44)

And then it was the pear upside-down ginger bread cake:

365 meals (43)

It must be something in the water because I'm not normally a sweets person! In other news, I decided to move my 365 project to my flickr account. The link here on the blog will still take you to the updated collection(but no more twitpic pages... they were just too limiting... and I like my options!). Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Good News!

my proj 365 is updated!

Finally updated my 365 project!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

In Case You Haven't Met Them:

This past weekend my family got together to watch and celebrate my cousin stella's baptism. She was SooOOOoooOOOoo cute!


While I was going over the pictures I realized they really sum up a lot about my family. So, if you've never met them heres what you need to know:

1.We absolutely LOVE one another! No matter what. Period.

{Stella & her new God-Parents}

2. We LOVE to celebrate! And it seems we believe the more the merrier!



{No, this isnt everyone! Not even close!}

3. We try not to take ourselves too serious!

{Yes, she has her face in a cake that says 'God bless Stella'... but hey it was her cake!}

4. We dont mess around when it comes to food. We love to eat and we eat well. EVERYONE in our family cooks and this weekend you could find 3 generations happily working side by side in the kitchen!

{Uncle Mark grilling up the Carne Asada}

{Carne Asada tacos, mango salsa, guacamole, and whole pintos}

5. We love to dance! Everyone from great grandmas to the toddlers dance and we aren't shy! We will dance till the music stops playing and we love everything from mariachis to disco to Mr. C's 'cha cha slide'!

{teaching Sara how to Corrido to grandmas mariachis}

{Mr. C says 'everybody clap your hands!'}


{Mr. C says 'how low can you go?'... low! And yes that is me in the back bustin a move with my cousins!}

So thats us.

This weekend was great and I cant explain how happy I am to have taken 300+ pictures to remember it all forever!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Is it true? If you’re not growing, you’re dying?

I recently came across an article online that had the quote: 'If you're not growing, you're dying' applied to portfolios and artists. Ive heard the quote used in relation to retail, websites, and general business but never about art. Honestly, I was a little taken back at first (having just come out of a creative rut!) but then I realized it was true. Particularly as a photographer.
Its true. And there was no getting around it once I read it.
And maybe its because its summer and I'm not getting loads of class assignments but I'm feeling the need to find a challenge, an assignment, a project ASAP... something to keep growing! So I started searching the wonderfully endless web and found a few projects that I thought were exceptional:

I'm still not entirely sure which ones I will do and at what capacity but for now I'm enjoying the excitement of something new.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

Hope you have a wonderful day celebrating everything red, white, & blue!


Thursday, July 01, 2010

My 365 Project

butternut gnocchi 2

After a week of food, photos, and tweets I feel like this project is a go. I have loved the challenge and I feel like I could grow substantially if I just push myself to do this EVERYDAY.


I know I need to build my portfolio every chance I get and I would hope that within the 365 pictures that are supposed to come out of this project a few of them will be able to make their way into that file!


Cheers to a new month, a new project, and a bunch of new (and delish) food!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How many does it take you?

How many pictures that is. How many do we have to take to get just ONE we both like?
Lets see:

Its silly really, its just one of those "arm straight out as far as you can reach cause no one else is around to take it for you" photos in a parking lot! But then again I love that we are both "particular" about our photos. ;)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A New Project

After a few weeks away from the computer and camera I decided a challenge or project was absolutely necessary to jump start a new creative season. I have started a 365 project (as they are just so popular at the moment!) of food photos. I will try my best to take at least one food related photo a day and then I'll be posting them here. Ive also put a permanent link in my sidebar so people can keep up or check it out whenever they like. Its going to be a new week, season, and project and I'm super excited! Its a good Sunday.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Where Ive Been & Where I'm Going:

Looking back at the dates of my most "recent" posts and there is no denying I have been a little M.I.A. in this space lately. Honestly this time of the year is always a little "off"(for lack of a better word) and I find myself in a bit of a rut. Every creative being out there slips in and out of them and its all part of the artists' cycle so it comes with no surprise. I have bookmarked a post over on Ali Edwards' blog (about getting out of a creative rut) which I always go back to time and time again. This time as I read it I felt like the following chunk of words was jumping out at me:

"Here are some of my favorite ways to get back in the groove again:

1. DO NOTHING. Yep. Ignore that thing that you normally love all together. If you have a scrapbook room, shut the door and give yourself permission to take a day, a week, a month off. No guilt. No pressure. No worries that you will never feel "it" again. You will. It will come back."

... which basically sums up the last couple of weeks! I think it was the closed door part that really got me because I have avoided my office, studio, and computer like the plague... which has never happened before! And it has thrown me for a loop because I feel guilty for not being in that space.... but like she said: NO GUILT!

So I am officially letting myself off the hook. Q and I are heading out for a camping/fishing trip in about a week and I'm thinking its perfect timing. Just what I need to be: