Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lips... and how I wish I had some right now.

Well, lets be honest: I have been MIA in this space for too long! And its sad, sad that it has taken something so drastic to get me back on track... what might I be talking about? Well, a few days ago I woke up with lips about 3 times their normal size and covered in fever blisters(ewwww. I know. Sorry). So I went to the doctors office against my fighting urge to just put a bag over my head and crawl into a hole and what does she tell me?
Its from stress.
Hmmmm... thanks doc! I then cried the whole way home.
Its been days and my lips could seriously put Angelina Jolie's to shame. Absolute shame.
For someone who:
likes speaking english... with my voice and mouth...
likes kissing her husband to say "hey, love ya!"...
likes to smile and laugh... with teeth...
likes... no, loves & enjoys food...
as much as I do... this is like mental torture on top of the physical torture!
But, my house is spotless, my homework for the next week is already done, old projects are being finished our of boredom and I have posted on this ol' blog for the first time in weeks.
So I guess some good has come out of something really terrible!
Well, I promise the next post wont be so whiny and icky but I just had to break the ice somewhere. Here's to hoping February will be more successful in blogland!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Kitchen Breaks.

This morning has been full of designing... and almost all of it requires me to sit in front of the computer for long long long periods of time. Which is fine. But, after a while I just have to get out of this desk chair and get my creative energies going again! Most of the time that means I will need my camera and some time in the kitchen.

So on today's kitchen break I made these polenta stacks with balsamic glazed baby portobellos.
I challenged myself to try and use some new items with some vintage items for these shots... so the result was new table linens with vintage plates:
I think I can count this as a successful break. :D And now its time to go back to my digi-canvas with a full tummy and some fresh creative energy.

Hope to be back soon with some design previews!

Monday, January 04, 2010

Jumping right in.

That's the way I like to do things.
So, hello 2010, hello a new decade, hello a whole new year of kreative projects! And the first project of the year was all about love... and I just loved that! I had taken down all the Christmas decorations and the house looked so bare and depressing I had to jump into valentines (yes, I know its not even February!).
I found these adorable tin mailboxes in the DOLLAR BIN at Target! Crazy right?! They were just solid colors so I took a few packs of "lovey themed" rub-ons and added a bunch of words and hearts in bands... it was so simple and cheap I just want to cover my house in them!

As I was in the Valentines mood I found some other projects I want to put on the to-do list over in Martha's Valentine's Gallery:

She's always got the best holiday inspiration.
Oh, and happy 2010!