Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lips... and how I wish I had some right now.

Well, lets be honest: I have been MIA in this space for too long! And its sad, sad that it has taken something so drastic to get me back on track... what might I be talking about? Well, a few days ago I woke up with lips about 3 times their normal size and covered in fever blisters(ewwww. I know. Sorry). So I went to the doctors office against my fighting urge to just put a bag over my head and crawl into a hole and what does she tell me?
Its from stress.
Hmmmm... thanks doc! I then cried the whole way home.
Its been days and my lips could seriously put Angelina Jolie's to shame. Absolute shame.
For someone who:
likes speaking english... with my voice and mouth...
likes kissing her husband to say "hey, love ya!"...
likes to smile and laugh... with teeth...
likes... no, loves & enjoys food...
as much as I do... this is like mental torture on top of the physical torture!
But, my house is spotless, my homework for the next week is already done, old projects are being finished our of boredom and I have posted on this ol' blog for the first time in weeks.
So I guess some good has come out of something really terrible!
Well, I promise the next post wont be so whiny and icky but I just had to break the ice somewhere. Here's to hoping February will be more successful in blogland!

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Jenna said...

awww, kate. your poor wips. hope they get better soon!