Saturday, February 27, 2010

Secrets Challenge.

I read this post about secrets and I'm taking the challenge and posting a few secrets:
1) I'm terrified I don't have what it takes to become a commercial photographer

2) There is a constant battle going on somewhere inside my creative being... its all about whether I ignore my love and ability for graphic design or find a way to integrate it into who Id like to be as a creative person.

3) I wish we could get Z a little sibling! A female chocolate min pin we could name Koko:

4) I think about my brothers ALL THE TIME! I often wish I had a time machine so I could go back and laugh with them again.

5) I put this song on repeat for hours at a time(yes I know the video its odd but I love what this song does in my studio!) .

6) I'm a secret admirer and stalker of this bag even though I know the designer and could just buy the bag before someone else does and have the manufacturer bring it to our next family event instead of shipping it! ;) Its a "feel-good-bag" Jenna!

7) I always look to this woman for a pick me up when I'm feeling down about how long its taking me to get through school! The woman was nearly 40 before she got into cooking(her passion) and she still became a great success!

I also:

-love shopping for cheap designer rejects at "Ross"

-sleep in till noon on my days off(and don't feel one bit guilty about it)

-buy and stash paper, fabric, and cute office supplies

-didn't do my homework that's due tonight! so hmpf!

... Well that was actually quite liberating! I dare you to take the "share your secrets" challenge!

No, I double dog dare ya!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lets play catch up!

Here we go:

*First there was this event which was AMAZING! Great people, awesome food, and some crazy dancing(yes thriller made a comeback!) made for a great night!

FLO mosaic

1. FLO-13, 2. FLO-9, 3. FLO-7, 4. FLO-3, 5. FLO-18, 6. FLO-16, 7. FLO-12, 8. FLO-11, 9. FLO-1

*Then there was lots of homework and 2 semi-mid-term-ish tests... which meant about a week of serious searching for any sort of motivating energy... there wasnt much so I decided Im ready for summer vacation. Or graduation. And both just seem so SO far away.
*Then we went to Reno for Q's 24th birthday, got seperated in the snow, ate lots of sushi, sake, and green tea ice cream, and almost got stuck in the snow again!

reno mosaic
1. reno-7, 2. reno-6, 3. reno-5, 4. reno-4, 5. reno-3, 6. reno-2

*Then we officially started working on this years fishing derby which means lots of planning, prepping, and design work on my part... but I must say the desinging is one of my favorite parts! Check out this years Flyer and T-Shirt design:

{T-Shirts will be available HERE soon!}

*I have also become addicted to Telepopmusik, Frou Frou, JEM, and Imogen Heap! If you havent heard of any of them you should check them out... NOW! Heres some recomendations:

This playlist has been running non stop while I have been designing... I once had a sculpture teacher who gave a lecture on how to put the right vibe out in your work studio(awesome I know!), he said "do whatever it takes to make your space feel creative to you"... lately this music plus cinnamon girl scout cookies and late night cups of good coffee have been putting a productive yet creative vibe out in my space!
Speaking of productive vibes I better sign off and get some stuff done!
Happy Thursday.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Inspiration OVERLOAD!!!!!!!!

aAAAAAAAHHHHHH! I just keep clicking and theres just more and more goodness! After the previous post I clicked some side bars and that led me to more good stuff so I clicked and clicked and clicked some more and its like I have tapped into a stream of awesome blogs, photographers, designers, and artists...oh my! And I know I just posted a recommendation but heres one more:

I think my heart melted when I read the tag line:

A fusion of photography, design, and inspiration.

I call that perfection.

i HEART fabulously inspiring blogs.

Wowzers. I just stumbled across this blog:

and ....and..... and.... uhhh... I cant even explain the amount or kind of inspiration that this place is giving off! Have you ever come across a blog and you are instantly captured and fascinated by it and you are just clicking away all over the place reading as fast as your little eyes possibly can to try to absorb all the exciting goodness?!!!! Cause that's what just happened. It was awesome.
Go. Now. Check it out!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Home full of LOVE!

Thought I would share a few pics of the "lovey-ness" that's showing up in our home:
{Doilies tacked on with glue dots, tucked under arrangements, and hanging in my kitchen... one pack really goes a long way!}

{love themed collages made with old scrapbooking supplies}

{And would you believe: all this red gingham fabric is from a single yard?}

{a new set of placemats}

{I sewed these using that same piece of fabric, some ribbon, and thrift store heart trim I have been stashing for over a year!}

{simple sewing = quick = finished projects = one happy woman}

{center piece is just a bunch of candle holders I got at the dollar store and decorated with scraps of red ribbon}
{and speaking of the dollar store, I made these from dollar store finds as well}

{spray paint the glass candle holders, cut floral foam to fit inside holders, add paper flowers(from scrapbook stash!) to the bottoms of the heart picks, cut into different lengths, arrange in floral foam, and top with dried moss,

(can you believe the dollar store is now selling decent supplies like dried moss and glittered heart picks?! geez!) I promise this project is easy peasy! AND CHEAP!

{and my love mailbox finally has a home}

{last but not least... the classic heart candy votives}

Actually, these votive holders were a christmas gift and they are designed especially to be filled with items of choice... so basically: they are perfect for this kind of thing! Thanks auntie! ;D

Oh, and while playing with the candy look what I found:

Made me think of a certain someones twitter feed....hmmm....
looks like the perfect message! ;D
Gotta love those heart candies!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Love Scale Quiz

I love taking little test and quizzes... I mean the kind in magazines, or on websites, and occasionally the ones found in my textbooks. Today while doing some reading for my Psychology of Marriage class I had to(well, chose to really) take a Love Attitudes Scale test from my book. The test is to determine whether you are romantic or realistic in your attitude toward love. Of course I was super curious what I would be rated and even more curious what Q would be rated. So, I asked him to take it too (told him it was for a better understanding of my studies... cmon' it totally was! ;D).

{anniversary camping}

Turns out we are both right in the middle... OK, actually I'm about 8 more points "realistic" than he was but we were both super close in our scores overall. Which, was interesting and funny at the same time! If you are curious or just like these kind of things too you can take the test by clicking here. Print out one for you and one for your special someone, answer separately(and honestly! ;D) and compare scores when you finish! Just a fun little love related activity for February!

been dreaming about...

bright, airy, and well lit creative spaces:

seen any good studio lighting ideas?

Monday, February 01, 2010

GREAT fonts!

I might be late to jump on the ban-wagon over at but man I am so glad I found such an awesome creative website! If you haven't already you should jump over there and check out their free fonts... yes, I said free!

And if your a font junkie like moi then look for the button on the right side bar that says "download all fonts from this site"... yes, ALL of their fonts are awesome! Oh man, if my lips didn't hurt so bad I would have totally smiled so BIG when I saw that button! ;D
What an awesome way to kick off February!