Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Home full of LOVE!

Thought I would share a few pics of the "lovey-ness" that's showing up in our home:
{Doilies tacked on with glue dots, tucked under arrangements, and hanging in my kitchen... one pack really goes a long way!}

{love themed collages made with old scrapbooking supplies}

{And would you believe: all this red gingham fabric is from a single yard?}

{a new set of placemats}

{I sewed these using that same piece of fabric, some ribbon, and thrift store heart trim I have been stashing for over a year!}

{simple sewing = quick = finished projects = one happy woman}

{center piece is just a bunch of candle holders I got at the dollar store and decorated with scraps of red ribbon}
{and speaking of the dollar store, I made these from dollar store finds as well}

{spray paint the glass candle holders, cut floral foam to fit inside holders, add paper flowers(from scrapbook stash!) to the bottoms of the heart picks, cut into different lengths, arrange in floral foam, and top with dried moss,

(can you believe the dollar store is now selling decent supplies like dried moss and glittered heart picks?! geez!) I promise this project is easy peasy! AND CHEAP!

{and my love mailbox finally has a home}

{last but not least... the classic heart candy votives}

Actually, these votive holders were a christmas gift and they are designed especially to be filled with items of choice... so basically: they are perfect for this kind of thing! Thanks auntie! ;D

Oh, and while playing with the candy look what I found:

Made me think of a certain someones twitter feed....hmmm....
looks like the perfect message! ;D
Gotta love those heart candies!


Jenna said...

your house looks *love*ly! love the dollar store crafts. there's a blog called that, like dollar store finds or something. can't wait to see your new rooms, saw a peek of Q through the door. ;) and yeah, i might steal that last picture....:)

Alyssa Marie said...

SOOO cute! I want to decorate for Valentine's Day but I'm resisting the urge due to it being an empty house. Next year I'll go all out though (seeing that he is home by then!). Love the dollar store idea! May I steal that please? Oh, and WHERE O WHERE did your aunt get those candle holders. I NEED THOSE. You should see my apt...candles every where. And lastly, do you have a twitter and NOT a facebook? YOU NEED A FACEBOOK! Haha. LOVE YOU and God bless!

Kate said...

Please DO use the dollar store idea! Thats what its there for!
And no, I do not have a facebook or a twitter I just read peoples twitters in thier blog sidebars... you are not the only one who thinks I need a facebook but I just really dont want one :) sorry!

Anonymous said...

I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what you have been working on!! Red is a great color. I liked the red and black combination on the table. The decorations give us a break from the gloom of winter :). Great ideas. I love you, Mom