Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lets play catch up!

Here we go:

*First there was this event which was AMAZING! Great people, awesome food, and some crazy dancing(yes thriller made a comeback!) made for a great night!

FLO mosaic

1. FLO-13, 2. FLO-9, 3. FLO-7, 4. FLO-3, 5. FLO-18, 6. FLO-16, 7. FLO-12, 8. FLO-11, 9. FLO-1

*Then there was lots of homework and 2 semi-mid-term-ish tests... which meant about a week of serious searching for any sort of motivating energy... there wasnt much so I decided Im ready for summer vacation. Or graduation. And both just seem so SO far away.
*Then we went to Reno for Q's 24th birthday, got seperated in the snow, ate lots of sushi, sake, and green tea ice cream, and almost got stuck in the snow again!

reno mosaic
1. reno-7, 2. reno-6, 3. reno-5, 4. reno-4, 5. reno-3, 6. reno-2

*Then we officially started working on this years fishing derby which means lots of planning, prepping, and design work on my part... but I must say the desinging is one of my favorite parts! Check out this years Flyer and T-Shirt design:

{T-Shirts will be available HERE soon!}

*I have also become addicted to Telepopmusik, Frou Frou, JEM, and Imogen Heap! If you havent heard of any of them you should check them out... NOW! Heres some recomendations:

This playlist has been running non stop while I have been designing... I once had a sculpture teacher who gave a lecture on how to put the right vibe out in your work studio(awesome I know!), he said "do whatever it takes to make your space feel creative to you"... lately this music plus cinnamon girl scout cookies and late night cups of good coffee have been putting a productive yet creative vibe out in my space!
Speaking of productive vibes I better sign off and get some stuff done!
Happy Thursday.

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Jenna said...

oh how i wish i could blare some good tunes in my studio. being right next door to the kiddos kinda puts a damper on my music mojo.