Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Love Scale Quiz

I love taking little test and quizzes... I mean the kind in magazines, or on websites, and occasionally the ones found in my textbooks. Today while doing some reading for my Psychology of Marriage class I had to(well, chose to really) take a Love Attitudes Scale test from my book. The test is to determine whether you are romantic or realistic in your attitude toward love. Of course I was super curious what I would be rated and even more curious what Q would be rated. So, I asked him to take it too (told him it was for a better understanding of my studies... cmon' it totally was! ;D).

{anniversary camping}

Turns out we are both right in the middle... OK, actually I'm about 8 more points "realistic" than he was but we were both super close in our scores overall. Which, was interesting and funny at the same time! If you are curious or just like these kind of things too you can take the test by clicking here. Print out one for you and one for your special someone, answer separately(and honestly! ;D) and compare scores when you finish! Just a fun little love related activity for February!


Jenna said...

i printed it out! can't wait to take it and see what we are ;)

Alyssa Marie said...

Oh my goodness! I took that class last semester through Sierra College. I've been taking classes online through them so I can get my 150 units needed to take my CPA exam, so I took that one for fun (along with many others). It was a very fun class! Love you.

Kate said...

Geez lys, I might have to buy some notes from you! ;D Glad to hear it is going to be a fun class!