Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dreaming about pretty light...

Being that my entire kitchen is black, grey, and stone (which does zip, zilch, zero, na-da, and nothin for photo lighting) I have been off in dream land... beautiful-kitchen-light-dream-land to be exact. So I thought Id share the gorgeous-ness Ive been lusting after as of late:

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A different kind of sewing.

Tonight I helped my friend Joe sew his sniper ghillie suit. Joe is a marine and Joe is like a brother to me. So of course I felt like: "if hes going to be in a position where he needs a sniper ghillie suit I want him to have the best suit possible!"

So we worked for about 4.5 hours just sewing on the HEAVY DUTY canvas to the front of his "cammies". Joe said the military gives them a tube of glue and says make it work but we took the suit to a whole other level! We actually sewed it with 10LB test fishing line instead of thread (and it took about 45min to figure out the machine tension for that one... ya not so typical!).

{guess you know your sewing with a marine when your table looks like this!}

Now the suit just needs netting for the back and a bunch of shredded burlap to tie onto the netting.

I have to admit that when Joe first came into the fabric shop where I work to pick up the supplies I got a HUGE lump in my throat! Couldn't figure it out at the time but I guess helping him made me think about my brother. I know he wanted to join the marines and if he had it might of been his suit I was helping with. Its interesting, you never really know when some off the wall thing is going to make you think about those people you hold dear in your heart and how much you miss them but then right out of the blue you get sidelined by something random and you are reminded that wound is still there and it can hurt just as bad as the day it first happened. I had been thinking about Joe and this dang suit since he came in last week and when he called to ask if Id help sew it I felt pretty excited.

Tonight after Joe left I felt a huge wave of pride wash over me and I know its because I think he has become an incredible man and soldier and I know he carries a part of my brother with him. So tonight I felt proud of both of them.

Like I said, tonight was a different kind of sewing.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

just a few favorites

I went out for my afternoon bike ride with my nieces and these 2 cuties joined us! As soon as I saw combination of their adorable hats, the bright green grass, and the perfect diffused light outside I ran for my camera(s). I haven't finished editing but I just couldn't wait to share a few of my favorites:





So lucky my nieces are always so willing to be lil' models and are so close and available! What a perk! Check out more here.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Its Vintage Polaroid L O V E!

Finally got the battery for my polo land cam and took my first shots this afternoon!!! Check It:

I'M. IN. LOVE. Vintage polo love to be exact! As soon as I developed my first shot I squealed like a 12 yr old girl and smiled as big as my jaw would allow for the remainder of the afternoon. More on that later.
Happy Friday!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

an exciting monday!

Today I picked up my film from my first duaflex IV experience. I had a really awesome time shooting with this camera and I went into it just letting myself experiment and feel excited about something new so I didn't have high expectations for what the actual frames would come out like.
And to be honest, that was a good thing.
The pictures are fine but they aren't anything to get too excited about:

Again, I did really enjoy shooting with this camera so I decided to do a little research on building my own ttv with this duaflex and my dslr. The film is super expensive but Id like to keep experimenting with this duaflex so building a ttv seems like the perfect solution. I came across this EXCELLENT tutorial and I'm going to try and build it this week. Well, at least that's what the goal is.
Happy Monday!