Thursday, April 15, 2010

A different kind of sewing.

Tonight I helped my friend Joe sew his sniper ghillie suit. Joe is a marine and Joe is like a brother to me. So of course I felt like: "if hes going to be in a position where he needs a sniper ghillie suit I want him to have the best suit possible!"

So we worked for about 4.5 hours just sewing on the HEAVY DUTY canvas to the front of his "cammies". Joe said the military gives them a tube of glue and says make it work but we took the suit to a whole other level! We actually sewed it with 10LB test fishing line instead of thread (and it took about 45min to figure out the machine tension for that one... ya not so typical!).

{guess you know your sewing with a marine when your table looks like this!}

Now the suit just needs netting for the back and a bunch of shredded burlap to tie onto the netting.

I have to admit that when Joe first came into the fabric shop where I work to pick up the supplies I got a HUGE lump in my throat! Couldn't figure it out at the time but I guess helping him made me think about my brother. I know he wanted to join the marines and if he had it might of been his suit I was helping with. Its interesting, you never really know when some off the wall thing is going to make you think about those people you hold dear in your heart and how much you miss them but then right out of the blue you get sidelined by something random and you are reminded that wound is still there and it can hurt just as bad as the day it first happened. I had been thinking about Joe and this dang suit since he came in last week and when he called to ask if Id help sew it I felt pretty excited.

Tonight after Joe left I felt a huge wave of pride wash over me and I know its because I think he has become an incredible man and soldier and I know he carries a part of my brother with him. So tonight I felt proud of both of them.

Like I said, tonight was a different kind of sewing.


Jenna said...

aww kate. he looks like a dang good sniper! i can imagine all the feelings that would come back for you. you'll always be a big sister, and i'm sure joe appreciates that. that was good "big-sistering" as i tell elliana. and where did you get that necchi machine? i hear those are crazy strong, italians always make good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Kate, You are a wonderful person! I know that Joe knew just who to turn to for this project. I can imagine your feelings. Sometimes when I just look at the "big boys" I think of Ryan and what he would look like, what would he be doing.... All those things just "pop up" and you're right it always seems to catch you off guard. I pray that God continues to provide opportunites for you to be a sister to all those boys around you. Never-Never-Land is where they are, maybe God's keeping them here for you? Don't miss the opportunity! I love you, Mom