Tuesday, April 06, 2010

an exciting monday!

Today I picked up my film from my first duaflex IV experience. I had a really awesome time shooting with this camera and I went into it just letting myself experiment and feel excited about something new so I didn't have high expectations for what the actual frames would come out like.
And to be honest, that was a good thing.
The pictures are fine but they aren't anything to get too excited about:

Again, I did really enjoy shooting with this camera so I decided to do a little research on building my own ttv with this duaflex and my dslr. The film is super expensive but Id like to keep experimenting with this duaflex so building a ttv seems like the perfect solution. I came across this EXCELLENT tutorial and I'm going to try and build it this week. Well, at least that's what the goal is.
Happy Monday!

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