Thursday, July 01, 2010

My 365 Project

butternut gnocchi 2

After a week of food, photos, and tweets I feel like this project is a go. I have loved the challenge and I feel like I could grow substantially if I just push myself to do this EVERYDAY.


I know I need to build my portfolio every chance I get and I would hope that within the 365 pictures that are supposed to come out of this project a few of them will be able to make their way into that file!


Cheers to a new month, a new project, and a bunch of new (and delish) food!


Jenna said...

i love it! when i see your tweet i ask jus, guess what k & q had for dinner? what a great challenge for you, and right up your alley!

Anonymous said...

Kate, Let me know when you decide to tackle the Julia Childs souffle! I want to come and watch :). As always, I love your posts. Mom