Friday, August 27, 2010

The Perfect Camera Bag

I have been on a serious search for the perfect camera bag for some time now. I want a bag that will fit my dslr and maybe an extra lens and I would like the bag to be able to double as a purse/tote. I like having my camera with me but I don't always like carrying around a purse plus an ugly camera bag... so, like I said before I have been on a search!

Originally I wanted to just buy one and take the easy way out and as much as I love these, these, these, and these the price tags are steep and there still isn't one that 'has it all'. If I had found one that met ALL my requirements then maybe Id consider finding a way to weasel one into my class 'supply list' ...but no such luck! Each one leaves me wanting just a lil' something thing more.

So, now I have decided its just going to have to be a handmade and custom item. And that's fine. So far I'm liking this bags style:

...this bags zipper and pockets:
...and this bags padding:

I have some brown wool/poly tweed in my stash that I got on sale (hello $10 fabric for only $5!) that came to mind after I saw these awesome bags:

Its a brown and cream tweed so all that's left to do is find some brown leather hardware and strapping and I should be ready to whip this baby up... right? Right! Its only a mix of 2 patterns, one tutorial, and one dream bag. Oh, its always so much easier said(and sketched) than done! Now wish me luck!


Jenna said...

can't wait to see what you come up with!!! necessity is the mother of invention!

nora chou said...

i've been looking for a camera bag for ages too!! i've got to say, i'm loving the tweed bag. i'm looking forward to seeing your design!


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