Monday, March 21, 2011

And they are up!

All the photos from the past few shoots have finally made their way onto my online portfolio! I have been getting ready for a portfolio review(for admissions) and it feels good to have new work that I'm excited about.

Now the interview is a whole other story... guess you could say I'm less than "excited" about that but they go hand in hand so it's time to find a non-suit power suit and walk into that interview knowing I can be a top notch student there by the end of the convo(easier said than done right?!).
... so wish me luck!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

We finally found the good light in this house!

Too bad its right in the teeny tiny entry way and blocks the front door! Guess our back door will become our new front door ;) Now back to editing.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

New portfolio material

Ive been working on new material for my portfolio and Im completely inspired by this new place! I love living on the bay, seeing the picturesque docks, boats, and fishermen, and having this awesome fish-market only a few blocks away!

Yesterday I made this recipe from Food & Wine magazine for a shoot and I felt so very(and officially) "east coast"while I was working. ;) Posts coming later with a full portfolio update.

Been in Philadelphia!

I know I have been completely MIA around here but I promise its for a
legit reason this time! ;) I have actually been completely consumed by picking and applying for art school! The two schools I have been really considering are both in Philadelphia which is only about an hour commute from our new home. The two Ive been deciding between are:

The Art Institute:

And The University of Arts:

Both are great schools and had a lot to offer students but the "feel" of each school was completely different from the other. Luckily Quincy was able to go with me on the tours which was helpful since its almost always what I want to talk about now ;) Ive started the application process and now I'm waiting with fingers crossed to hear back which will hopefully happen soon! Very soon!