Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Bootcamp Book

Its been a LONG time since I did any real "scrapbooking" and its been staring me in the face ever since we set up the new studio/office(tour coming soon). So in an attempt to ease myself back into anything creative with paper I decided to tackle the "Bootcamp Book". While Q was at bootcamp he was only allowed to communicate by snail-mail. So over the course of 8 weeks he accumulated a lot of mail from family and friends and we got a handful of letters from him too. I knew I wanted to keep them since they were so special to both of us but I didn't want them to end up sitting in some shoe box in the back of some closet. That being said, I also knew I wasn't going to create a "traditional scrapbook page" for every single letter. So I came up with something in between:

I organized all the letters into 3 sections and created decorative pages for the dividers:

{Intro page for letters he wrote home}

{Intro page for letters everyone wrote to him}

{and I still need another intro page for the section with my letters to him}

It felt good to have organized, created, and completed something all in one shot and its spurred the urge to get some more pages going again(finally!).

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Contrast in house.

Put up a new quote last night and I had to laugh about the serious contrast between the goals in our house right now: Art School & AST A-School.