Thursday, May 26, 2011

Working outside my 'typical'

This week I accepted 3 commissions and one of which is supposed to reflect a 'country shabby chic' style. I haven't done much(if anything) that I would really consider to be country shabby chic so its been fun and interesting to try and push myself to mix what is typical of this style with some of my own style. It will be a good artistic challenge and I've enjoyed it so far. So I'm just wondering what have you done lately that's been out or character or typical style?

And as promised, a few more pages from the sketch book:

Honest observations

Sat down to work on more art journal and sketch pages and saw this:

This is me. Its simple, adaptable, and unpretentious. I don't care that I'm using cheap acrylics off a paper plate and washing my brushes in a waxed McDonalds cup. I just don't. I hope I never do. Its not important and I hate that people ever believe there are rules to how things must be created because I never will. (Sorry, didn't mean to jump on the soap box there!)I'll be back soon to share some of the pages from this humble mess!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Monday, May 23, 2011

Flexing my creative muscles.

Well I have officially decided to be a University of the Arts student starting this fall. This is a really exciting new chapter for me but its also a bit intimidating. I will have to complete all of their "foundation" classes (which most people do their freshman year) which are supposed to instill a formal artistic foundation and they include drawing, painting, 2 & 3D design, and studies in Time & Motion. Thats great. But, when thinking about going into these classrooms as a photo major and having to draw and/or paint next to a fine art major I get the deer-in-the-head-lights glaze over and I find myself saying "Ooooooh crap". So in an effort to get myself back to a comfortable place within my OWN drawing/painting style I have been getting lost daily in my sketch books:

There hasn't been any groundbreaking action or crazy skill developing but I just feel the need to start flexing my creative muscles a bit before I start this whole new chapter. I don't expect to be comfortable but I also don't want to be terrified... so in an effort to avoid the creative kill that could possibly be I'll be starting a new "creative training" of my own for the summer. I don't know what exactly that will look like or consist of but I'm excited and I promise to share as I go.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Painting Projects.

Its been a while since I have really tackled any large projects because we have been so focused on getting the house situated but luckily that has included a few projects too. One of these projects was painting our bedroom. Literally every wall in our house was white and it was really giving off the hospital vibe so we were eager to jazz it up! We found these Moroccan tile mirrors at target and that kind of spurred the whole idea:

We also new we wanted some exciting colors but decided that doing just one wall would be enough since we decided on such a strong color. So we used the mirrors as templates and created the pattern as an extension of our headboard:

We also added another tile pattern on the opposite wall with the mirrors which helps even everything out.

Its not the most complicated or inspiring project Ive posted here but I still thought it was worth a share... plus this lil' blog needs to get back to regular posting!