Monday, May 23, 2011

Flexing my creative muscles.

Well I have officially decided to be a University of the Arts student starting this fall. This is a really exciting new chapter for me but its also a bit intimidating. I will have to complete all of their "foundation" classes (which most people do their freshman year) which are supposed to instill a formal artistic foundation and they include drawing, painting, 2 & 3D design, and studies in Time & Motion. Thats great. But, when thinking about going into these classrooms as a photo major and having to draw and/or paint next to a fine art major I get the deer-in-the-head-lights glaze over and I find myself saying "Ooooooh crap". So in an effort to get myself back to a comfortable place within my OWN drawing/painting style I have been getting lost daily in my sketch books:

There hasn't been any groundbreaking action or crazy skill developing but I just feel the need to start flexing my creative muscles a bit before I start this whole new chapter. I don't expect to be comfortable but I also don't want to be terrified... so in an effort to avoid the creative kill that could possibly be I'll be starting a new "creative training" of my own for the summer. I don't know what exactly that will look like or consist of but I'm excited and I promise to share as I go.

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