Thursday, May 12, 2011

Painting Projects.

Its been a while since I have really tackled any large projects because we have been so focused on getting the house situated but luckily that has included a few projects too. One of these projects was painting our bedroom. Literally every wall in our house was white and it was really giving off the hospital vibe so we were eager to jazz it up! We found these Moroccan tile mirrors at target and that kind of spurred the whole idea:

We also new we wanted some exciting colors but decided that doing just one wall would be enough since we decided on such a strong color. So we used the mirrors as templates and created the pattern as an extension of our headboard:

We also added another tile pattern on the opposite wall with the mirrors which helps even everything out.

Its not the most complicated or inspiring project Ive posted here but I still thought it was worth a share... plus this lil' blog needs to get back to regular posting!


Jenna said...

you KNOW i love it! love the mirror inspiration. impressed q went for the purple wall. :) it looks awesome!

Kate said...

Thanks! Q is really good about giving me creative 'freedom' even when it comes to the house. Sometimes when everything is all torn up mid-proj he looks around and I have to say "don't worry its gonna look good when its all done" to which he normally replies "I know." Its one of the sweetest things he does for me. Have to love that he trusts my taste and creativity♥