Saturday, October 27, 2012

When its quiet around these parts...

... there is LOTS of work happening in my studio! I have been in full swing thesis-shooting-mode and I dont remember the last time I shot this much in this short a period of time. This whole first semester is about "experimenting" and I've been trying anything and everything Ive had stored up.

 This is just a little glimpse of a series I did last week. Im hoping to share more along the way in the coming weeks. Now back to shooting!

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Knit & Purl.

   With the weather cooling off I've jumped back into knitting on my spare time. I have a large box of yarn that I've been saving for something a bit more special and I have decided its finally time to learn to read those knitting patterns and move past the simple scarves! Plus I think my craft buddy may need a new sweater:

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

   I've been painting a LOT of backdrops lately. When your a student you get really good at making photo equipment, props, and tools yourself and generally that means they are also much less expensive than the pro versions! I can generally get a piece of foam core and a bottle of craft paint for less than $2. Professional backdrops run from $20 into the $100s so I think my recent addiction to painting these backdrops (in every color!) is totally to my benefit! Plus these are custom pieces so nobody else has these tools on their set :D  Moral of the story: if you've never made your own backdrops I'd highly recommend it!

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Photo Field Trips, Traffic, and Car Studios

   The great part about being friends with other photo majors: they like taking trips that revolve around photogenic places! Recently a friend and I made our way out to the Philadelphia Zoo to shoot for an afternoon and on our way we got stuck in some SERIOUS Philly traffic! So, I decided I may as well take advantage of our park view from the car and snap some polaroids: 

   Luckily the front seat was quite spacious because it turned into my personal studio! LOL! So now I have a stack of pretty Philly polaroids that need a space to live. Luckily I'm taking bookbinding this semester so making a custom polaroid book is likely in my future.