Thursday, May 30, 2013

Eggs aren't just for breakfast!

   I really LOVE eggs! They are easy to cook in a variety of ways and I almost always have a carton in my refrigerator. But, my love affair with lunchtime frittatas started while Q and I where at this awesome cooking school in Italy a few years ago. The chefs there made it clear that Italians dont do eggs for breakfast but they do enjoy eggs for lunch with frittatas. The best part is: you can throw ANYTHING into a frittata! Left over veggies, meats, and/or cheeses are always perfect. 

   Now its one of my lunchtime favorites. I think part of it takes me back to those lunches in Italy....sitting in the perfectly rustic dining room, overlooking the picturesque olive grove, sipping great wine,  enjoying the leisurely pace and conversation.... ahhhhh, good times! Anyhoo! We generally eat this great egg dish with a simple salad which you can throw together in the 2 minutes it takes for this dish to cook. So, if you eat eggs outside of breakfast how do you like them?

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