Monday, May 13, 2013

Now what?

   Spending a year creating a Thesis show and body of work was very consuming. The hours of time I spent was more than I've ever spent on any project for school before:

   Now that its all over, the scenes have been arranged, the images edited, the prints framed, the show goers have come and gone, and the prints are now stacked in my dining room I find myself asking: now what? Its such an odd feeling to have free time and mind space! As students we get so used to having the constant pressure to continuously develop our thesis work and now we have been set free! So, again I have to ask: now what?!
   I know I'll continue to shoot food(obviously right?!) but I think I will be returning to this blog space to push myself in creating new work to share and incorporating the new places and adventures I know are in our very near future. Our constantly changing zip codes(thank you USCG!)presents endless photographic opportunities as we learn the new norms of all these places. Hopefully it creates something visually interesting and worthy enough for all my followers time!
   So happy Monday blog-land! Off to get ready for our families arrival and a little thing called GRADUATION!!!


The Perfect Pear said...

LOVE THIS! I love seeing the creative process and the behind the scenes of food photography shoots, you're very talented! :) Thanks for sharing!

Kate said...

THANK YOU!!!! Behind the scenes posts are always my favorite to read so I was happy to share one myself! ;D