Sunday, June 09, 2013

Updates on my BIG 26 list:

   This week I realized my birthday is only a month away(whoa!) and I checked my list to see what I could cross off and I was happy to put a line through the following:

2. Print 26 person photos:

6. Send 26 "thinking of you" cards:

13. Find 26 new inspiration pieces:


14. Journal 26 entries:

15. Enjoy 26 magazines:

16. Sit on the beach for 26 minutes:

20. Try 26 new manicure/polish ideas:

24. Spend $26 on a new dinner date with Q.

25. Tell Q I love him 26 times:

{St. Patricks day at Westys in Wildwood, NJ. Gooooood times!}

... and I'm closing in on number 17: Run 2.6 miles continuously (without feeling like I will die): 

Hoping to cross that off the list this week!

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